Tips on Web Site Safety

  1. Use strong passwords, and protect them on your workstation.
    Q. How?
    A. The easiest way to do this is with an open-source program to store your passwords. Programs for Microsoft Windows can be found at Wikipedia
    These programs often provide methods for generating strong passwords as well as remembering them for you.
    Do a search on "password strength" to find sites that will evaluate the strength of the passwords that you are generating. Remember though: these sites are typically not secure. Once you post a password to one of them through an insecure link, you should not use it. It is, however, a very useful gauge of the method you are using to generate your passwords.
  2. Never - EVER - send passwords through insecure channels. Always use secure e-mail to transmit passwords.
    Q. How?
    A. At HackerSmart, we use Hushmail which provides free e-mail accounts that can be accessed through secure web sites.