About HackerSmart

Q. How does the service work?
A. We provide you with a PHP script that you install on your web site.  Once a day, hackersmart.com will prompt that script to scan the folders on your site for ANY changes to files in those folders.  When changed files are detected, the script then scans those files for words that hackers are known to put on sites.  If bad words are found in those files, we immediately send you an e-mail notifying you of the changes, and the bad words that were found.  You will have a dash board from which you can add or delete words to search for, manage the sites you want to scan, and manage the files and or folders you want to scan.  You have total control.
Q. Does your code fix the problem?
A. No.  We give you quick warning of an attack, and that gives you time to prevent damage.  If you do not have the resources to fix, we can connect you with a number of experts in the field whom we work closely with.  Each situation is different, and should be handled by a human.
Q. How quickly should I fix my code?
A. It is our opinion, that you have about 2 weeks from the time code is put in before Google will pick up on it.
Q. What happens if code is put in my site?
A. Google can put up a notice on your site stating that you have badware and telling visitors to enter at their own risk.
Q. How is the script installed?
A. There are three ways to do that.
  • One is to take the "Transfer" option on the Dashboard which takes you to a page where you can enter the Username and Password for the FTP access to your site.
  • If that direct transfer from our server to yours does not succeed, there is a "Download" button on the Dashboard.  You can use that to copy the hackersmart.php file from our server to your workstation.  From there you can copy it to your server.  Install the script in the root level of your site in the same manner as you install other files.
  • If you do not feel comfortable with either of these options, we can install the script for you for a small fee.  You need to provide us with the FTP access to your site.
Q. What if some of the "bad" words are words I really want?
A. Good question, we provide a dashboard which allows you to edit (add/delete) these words, and change the time that the scan runs.  You have control.  So if the word Viagra, is crucial to your site, you can edit that word out.
Q. What if a "bad" word such as "cialis" is found embedded in a harmless word such as "specialist"?
A. You have two choices here.
  • You can leave it. You will receive this warning only when the file is changed, not every day.
  • The other option is to go to your Dashboard, select "Words" and remove cialis from the list.
Q. What if I have an "<iframe" reference?
A. <iframe is a very common method that hackers user to embed malware on your site. Have your programmer check your site to make sure that the words following it are not malware.
Q. What can I do to protect my site from being attacked?
A. We have a couple of tips Here