HackerSmart Pricing

Our essential service is currently available for the low monthly cost of $14.99 with no set up fee. Less than 50 cents a day.

Your first month is free, to try the service. No strings attached, no credit card necessary.

As you add additional sites to be scanned, the price per site drops.

Sites Price Total
1 $14.99 $14.99
2 $14.99 $29.98
3 $14.99 $44.97
4 $11.99 $56.96
5 $11.99 $68.95
6 $11.99 $80.94
7 $8.99 $89.93
8 $8.99 $98.92
9 $8.99 $107.91
10 $8.99 $116.90
11 $8.99 $125.89
12 $5.99 $131.88
13 $5.99 $137.89
14 $5.99 $143.86

All additional sites after number fourteen are $5.99 each per month.

Our Fix and Repair Service begins at $79.99 for sites where only a few files are infected.  If the time required to repair the site exceeds a couple of hours, we charge $35 per additional hour for the repair. We will tell you the price before we proceed.  We do set an upper limit of $150 for the repair fee though.  The repair includes scanning your web site to find all infected files, and disinfecting them.  This fee is one-time only and your card is not charged until we fix it.  If your site is heavily infected with both changed files and new files that you did not create, it may be impossible to repair the site.  In that case, we do not attempt a repair, and there is no charge for the scan.  The only way to recover from a very extensive attack is to restore the site from a backup made before the attack began.  Often, Internet Service Providers make those backups and can restore the site for you.

We accept paypal and credit card, money order or cash.

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