Malware fix and repair service.

Suspicious site

Our Quick Malware fix and repair service.   This is our $79.99 Fix and Repair service.   95% of the time this service will be able to tell you what your problem is and the steps to correct - usually within a few hours!   We have many years experience in the Malware protection industry, and have probably seen your issue in the past.   We keep up to speed by studying Malware forums, sites and strategies.

We will:

  1. Run a scan on your site and isolate the problem within 48 hours max, usually within a few hours.
  2. Let you know via email where you have an issue and what needs to be done to repair.
If this service is unable to fix your problem, within a reasonable time frame, we will make other recommendations.

Our years of experience in this field will help you fix your problem, and then we will make sure you know if it happens again. People turn to HackerSmart for relief when they see such phrases as Site is listed as suspicious,   visiting this web site may harm your computer,   blocked access,   or A Virus Was Found!